How to Find the Best San Antonio, TX AHS Home Warranty

Any San Antonio, Texas homeowner knows the tremendous responsibility and work load buying and maintaining a home. With a home warranty, you can relieve your stress and have a safety net in place when the parts of your home you need most suddenly stop working.

San Antonio residents’ lives are reliant on their homes and the machines and systems inside. When something goes wrong with one of these units, mayhem follows. Leaking water pipes, a broken kitchen appliance, or an uncooperative laundry machine can all quickly become an expensive and distracting interruption to your daily routine. This kind of problem is all too common in Texas, where the local conditions common throughout most of the state can take a toll on houses and the systems inside.

About American Home Shield in San Antonio, Texas

American Home Shield was founded in 1971 and immediately began providing what was then an unheard of product: home warranties. The company aimed to provide a service that would quickly and affordably help people with their home appliance repair and maintenance needs. In 1989 American Home Shield Joined several other prestigious home service companies under the umbrella of The ServiceMaster Company, where it remains today. It now provides timely service and reassurance to almost 1.3 million people across the country, including Texas. AHS is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and exceptional quality in all of its home warranty plans.

A San Antonio, Texas home warranty gives you the protection you need to avert a home disaster. Dealing with an appliance or system breakdown on your own is a messy process. Identifying problems, getting help, and paying for repairs and replacements add up to emotional and monetary strain. With a home warranty, you can live knowing you’ll have professional support and financial backing when you need it most.

Understanding Home Warranties

Home warranties represent a refreshingly simple solution to what are often very complicated problems. These services serve as protection for your major appliances (like your refrigerator) and systems (like the electric wiring in your walls) when they inevitably need maintenance, repair, or replacement.

These units undergo constant stress and wear as you use them throughout your everyday life. Even the most well-designed units will malfunction or break down eventually. If you select a good home warranty company, it will be on-call and ready to respond to your problem at any time. You simply call their number and they’ll dispatch a friendly and experienced repair and maintenance expert to evaluate your problem and decide on a solution.

If possible, your appliance or system will undergo repair to get it back in good working order. Some machines, especially older ones, are beyond repair and will need to be replaced altogether. Normal repair and replacement services often cause hundreds or thousands of dollars in labor and equipment. However, a home warranty will account for the bulk of this cost, so you are only responsible for a small portion of the price.

Get Your San Antonio, Texas Home Warranty Before It’s Too Late

Most home warranty companies will only repair or replace appliances and systems that break down while covered under their service. They do not help you with any parts of your home that were already worn out or damaged before you got coverage. It’s important to get your home warranty right away to be completely protected from impending home disasters. Don’t wait until you’re already experiencing an emergency to get help; call a home warranty company today to get the protection and reassurance you deserve.


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